Effective creation and development of websites

We support brands in their development on the Internet.
We make websites, shops, business websites.
We provide solutions that work.

Transparency. Honesty.
Assault on your competition.



What are we swimming for?

We create simple websites - business card websites and large websites.
We work like craftsmen specializing in marketing and programming.

First, we implement ourselves in your industries, try on your armor, practice with your sword. Then we sharpen it and get rid of your competitor’s defense.

We’ll swim wherever we need to.
Let’s talk about your vision and ways to get to the shore.

Website development

We develop simple business card websites as well as complex, build-up large websites which convert. Our aim is for them to be legit, functioning and easy to service.

Your website must be like a ship - fast, safe, beautiful, and if necessary - aggressive!

SEO and marketing

Beautiful website is not everything. You have to try to get customers to find it. That’s why it’s necessary to take care of marketing and SEO on Google.

You, as captain of the ship, don’t need to know your ship's propulsion engine. The most important thing is it’s failure-free and allows you to reach the port.
Show us the azimuth and we will take the oars in our hand!

Permanent tech support

We create CMS websites with a client panel for you to make changes in your content. But sometimes it’s not enough.

If you need constant tech or marketing support we’d like to establish permanent cooperation with you.
Let's create a well-coordinated team.

WordPress & WooCommerce

Our websites are developed based on WordPress, the most popular CMS(content management system) engine, which enables easy, independent content and image management on your website.

Why pay for changes on your website if you can change it yourself? Take care of your treasure!

What can we do for you?

Simple websites

Your company may function off-line, without computers and Internet.
We have many clients like you, from the construction industry, industry sector or sales industry.

It’s not obligatory to have a website, but It may increase your sales. In this situation It’s not necessary to create a big, expensive website. It’s enough to have an easy business card website, which will let your client call you and use your services.

Marketing and SEO

If you already have your website then your online purpose would be to increase your website’s traffic.

Sometimes you don’t need much for your website to become a noticeable, recognizable brand on the Internet. In most cases your competition cares about their appearance online and It’s not easy to defeat them.
We’d love to help you with that! We are very creative and experienced in the field.

Large websites and shops

By creating a solid brand you need to take care of being noticeable and recognizable on the Internet. Every big company, no matter if service, shop, SaaS or e-commerce - has it’s own website and usually it's an extensive, trustworthy big website.

Often at first glance you can see whether a given company is a big business one. If you want to be perceived - we’d like to help you.

Website maintenance

Many of our clients regret the lack of time and the incessant pursuit of time. You should focus on your business, sales and customer acquisition.

You shouldn’t waste your time on adding images on your website or updating WordPress and its plugins, maintaining security or making backups. That’s what we are for.

Conversion optimization

Website? - Done!
Satisfactory traffic on the website? - Done.
Sales? - I would say… on average.

Users entering your website or shop are supposed to reach the end of your sales funnel, that is purchase a product or a service. The ratio of the number of visitors to your website to the number of buyers is what conversion is - we’ll help you increase it!

Graphic design

Every website should look aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching - but most of all fulfill its function and be easy to use.

We prepare the graphic design for the target audience of your website. There are no universal websites - font size, color palette, contrast or custom drawings have influence on how your client perceives you and whether they will make a purchase. Visual identification is not only a drawing, but most of all analysis and good sense.


Websites and projects that we have developed


Verby.media is a brand that I have trusted many years ago. This team helped us with our website's SEO and increased our conversion rate.
They are really solid, upfront professionals, I definitely recommend them!

~ Dawid Szymański, CEO at Knacks.pro

Verby.media team has created a website for us: Trading Jam Session and Big Short Bets - we are constantly cooperating and we are very pleased with the results. They are there for us whenever we need them!

~ Rafał Zaorski, TJS, founder BigShortBets.com

We are glad to recommend cooperation with Verby in the area of services related to the widely understood IT support for the National Chamber of Nursing Homes KIDO. Taking into account the specificity and diversity of the projects we have been realizing together, we confirm that Verby.media precisely realizes the tasks outlined, based on the existing goals and needs, demonstrating great care and creativity as well as invention in searching for and implementing solutions having a significant impact on its image and SEO, both on the web and in social media. We encourage and recommend cooperation with Mr Tomasz Rudowicz with full responsibility.

~ dr Andrzej Lejczak, Prezes Krajowej Izby domów Opieki KIDO

Tomasz Rudowicz's company has demonstrated incredible professionalism in the projects we carry out. Positioning the online store, refreshing the website, creating a showcase on Google, Google ads, virtual walks, website translations are only some of the services that fall within the scope of its competence. Punctuality, reliability, availability, creativity, quick delivery times and the quality of the services provided deserve a positive assessment by Verby.media.

~ Aleksandra Ambroży-Lejczak, Ambroży Sp. z o.o.

(...)they created an unconventional, transparent website for me. The cooperation went very well, the website was created faster than I expected, constant contact and a great atmosphere.
I would highly recommend!

~ Bartosz Mazur, owner CzarnyMercedes.pl

The cooperation has been going on for several years. I appreciate Verby.media for its professionalism and honest approach to the subject. Tomasz is a verbal man and puts the good of man above money, which is rare these days, and these are the most important values ​​in business for me.

~ Michał Pawelec, CEO ThorIT


Think about the budget you'd have to spend on a sales specialist hired with you for a year to acquire customers.
Your website can sell your services or products side by side with you and your team.
It will be your salesperson working 24/7 not only for a year - for years.